X’mas Choco-Almond Truffles



Christmas bells are ringing because yes! it’s less than a week away! Like you, I’m loving all the fabulous festive fiestas and while getting into the spirit of our favorite holiday, I made some wonderful sweet treats with a Christmassy twist.

While browsing through one of my favorite recipe blogs, Green Kitchen Stories, I came across A Seven Minute Choco-Almond Truffles which I couldn’t resist trying. They actually turned out pretty amazing tasting exactly like chocolate but without gluten, flour, dairy, egg and refined sugar as they’re sweetened with dates! You really can’t tell they’re that healthy & raw because they taste so damn good! And by decorating it like how I’m about to show you, they’re going to be a hit even with kids.


X’mas Choco-Almond Truffles

Recipe Type: desserts, gluten free, low fat, refined sugar free

Author: www.askinnydish.com

Serves: 15-20 truffles


  • Strawberries (1 per truffle so quantity depends on how many truffles you make)
  • 0% fat Greek Yoghurt (as needed - see instructions)
  • Extra shredded/desiccated Coconut (as needed - see instructions)


  1. Start by following the instructions here. However, after you form 15 – 20 small round truffles with your hands, roll the them ONLY in shredded/desiccated coconuts and place in fridge for 5 minutes while you prepare the decoration.
  2. Slice the top of the strawberries (where the green stems/leaves are). Also slice a tiny bit of the bottom tip. These will be your 'Santa hats'.
  3. Bring the truffles out of the fridge and place 1 'Santa Hat' on each truffle with top of the strawberry (the wider side) facing down. Press it gently so it sticks to the truffles
  4. Place some Greek yoghurt in a cake icing pipe with a small round nozzle. Squeeze a small dollop on top of the tip of the strawberry 'Santa Hat' which is now facing upwards and is the highest point of your truffle.
  5. Serve immediately or if not place in the fridge before serving.


If you're not a big fan of dates, simply reduce the quantity as stated on Green Kitchen Stories' recipe and I promise you won't even be able to taste it. I personally prefer to use 12-13 dates to make 20 truffles as opposed to 15 as specified. But if you like the taste of dates, go ahead and use 15.

Merry Christmas everyone! Wishing you all a happy, healthy & heavenly holiday!

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