aboutI love food but I fear excess flab – pretty much a universal dilemma I know. In trying to maintain my significant weight lost through a healthy lifestyle, I’ve learnt that wholesome foods can be delicious. Flavors and a feast full of fat does not come hand in hand. You can still be eating mouth-watering foods and know that it’s not going to give you a bulge from your bikini. All you have to do is regularly look for new recipes, stay open minded, be experimental, get your pantry organized and start cooking.

Before I go on, you should know that although I’ve never been a big meat eater, I’m not a vegetarian. But because my husband is, I’m slowly becoming herbivorous by default. We enjoy sharing food so I constantly look for new meat-free recipes – and trust me – it’s not all about tofu and lentils.

So while on a quest to keep my husband’s belly full, mine flat and our tastebuds happy, A Skinny Dish was born. And because I know fad diets only yield temporary weight loss and can cause a metabolic havoc in the long run, my goal is to provide you with hearty, healthy & heavenly foods while keeping your waist line in mind.  Being an amateur cook, presentation is not my biggest asset (please forgive me!) but I promise you simplicity and just really really good real food.

Here I am, inspired to share my healthy and yummy, no fad just fab vegetarian recipes that might even get the best of a steak devout.  My focus will be on using fresh & unprocessed ingredients while keeping dairy, gluten, refined sugar & carbs to a minimum.  I will also compile a bunch of my favorite recipes from the food-blogosphere – tried & tested– because let’s face it there are too many out there and you never know how good they’ll turn out.  So I’m going to do all the screening for you.  All the recipes that are not mine are credited to the original owner/creator so you will have to click through to their websites to view the entire content via the links provided.  If my own twists and personal preferences are added to the dish, they will be clearly noted.

As we all know but love to deny, for bodily change and/or weight loss to occur, 80% is to do with your diet while exercise takes the other 20%. So you can workout all you want but if you don’t eat right, you can kiss results goodbye. And because it’s even more difficult for vegetarians in general, I want to help you get creative in the kitchen.

Now – a very warm official welcome to A Skinny Dish. Feel free to become a Facebook fan, follow my Tweets, stay tuned on Instagram, subscribe to the RSS Feed and drop me an E-mail. It’s time to throw your sexy apron on.сайт суши

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